Finally… Holiday!


Welcome Home!

We know you have been making all the plans, checking the dates, and postponing it for the past ‘many years’. We know it is stressful, expensive and just not exciting to plan a holiday. But we all admit, that a break is necessary as a natural therapy to refresh and relax. If only you could get help with all the planning and flights, and Visa, and hotel… Chill, RoyalLiveTavel has got you covered.

Luxury Awaits You

What can we do for you? Everything to make your trip as comfortable and relaxing, as you have always dreamed of. Every customer is Royalty to us, and as we know, the Royals have the best of everything!

Our travel guide will aim to answer all your questions and concerns for your destinations and trips. Did you know that ‘Dancing is allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs and events.  But dancing in public is classed as indecent and provocative.’ Shocking right? Guess which country?

There are rules to obey when you visit countries, from your Visa application, to your departure home. We will give tips on these and more. We aim to make your trip a memorable one. We present to you ‘My Travel Guide’…. Your visa to the world!


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